THE CULTWORTHY PODCAST is a passion project I’ve been putting together for years. Early aspirations of being a filmmaker started in grade school when I was making short films and mock commercials. Later in high school I was the teachers assistant for our video production club, which gave me access to better equipment where my team and I made more short films and music videos for the local film festivals.

In my twenties, some friends and I formed Productions Alamode, a video production company that specialized in wedding videos, concerts and dance recitals, all with the hopes that it would finance our aspirations of being feature filmmakers. Alas, some things don’t work out the way you hoped. I left that dream behind and went to culinary school. Having been a professional Chef for the last 15 years, I’ve found a place in my career where I have the time get back to my creative roots. In hopes to get my “writers” brain working again, I started this blog and review site, giving me an opportunity to share my passion for cinema, especially the obscure, with anyone who cares to join me.

Thanks for stopping by my page. I hope it has been enlightening!

Antonio Palacios