Welcome to CULTCUTZ! Our mission is to celebrate obscure cinema, highlight cult films and discover new ones! There are many different opinions on what makes a “cult film”. Some think that it has to do with the content of the film, whether that be gore and violence, sex and nudity, outlandish plot and storylines, etc. I like to think that a cult film is a one that did not find a true audience at it’s time of release, but over time collected viewers and fans that cherish that film and champion it’s existence. That being said, there can never be “too many” cult films. Therefore we have made it our mission to keep watching movies that fell off the radar, never received a big release, or just were lost to ages.

We look to spread awareness of obscure cinema and give those films the opportunity to gain cult status through our daily reviews, our weekly podacst (coming soon), and fostering relationships with other cinema enthusiasts and their respective websites and podcasts. The community can never be TOO BIG!

Thank you so much for stopping by our page and checking us out. KEEP WATCHING!


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